Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pirates! Arrr!

I found my books for "free" download on an unauthorized site today, as the incentive to complete one of several "offers" that required signing up and giving out credit card information.

I am not associated with any such program, and I don't receive anything for those downloads.

I guess it is a sign of having arrived as an author in some small way that my books are now desirable enough to steal and to use as an incentive to get people to part with their credit card numbers. That doesn't make me any less angry that someone else is trying to use the books to promote things that I would never voluntarily be associated with and to profit from my work without permission or compensation.

I want to emphasize that anyone who wants a free review copy of one of my books can get one by emailing me or commenting here and asking nicely, without having to put any credit card information at risk.

I'd like to thank all of the readers who are making the effort to support authors and get authorized, legal copies of their books.

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